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Aurora Mills Condominium

East Aurora, NY

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Snow Removal Equipment Storage Facility Update (5/8/2024) test

June 3, 2024



Snow Removal Equipment Storage Facility

April 14, 2024



Streetlight Update

MARCH 19, 2024


As follow up to our February 3rd posting, our private electrical contractor (HDE Electric, Elma New York) has advised that they just received the replacement LED "yellow, SV equivalent" bulbs. We hope to have all streetlights updated and operational with these more energy-efficient bulbs within the next few weeks.



Development Construction Completion and Close-Out Status Update

February 3, 2024



Streetlight Update

February 3, 2024



Radon Gas Note

January 30, 2024

We've received several reports of high radon levels in our neighborhood. Radon is a common gas that originates from the natural decay of uranium, present in nearly all soils.


It's advisable to have your radon levels checked.  Read More.



December 25, 2023

In order to clarify and alleviate any confusion about the rules relating to on-street parking, your Board of Managers has amended the Rules and Regulations of our community (Section 4.1).  The revision does not change the substance of the prior rules and the prohibitions remain against any parking in the entry circle, overnight on-street parking of vehicles and against routine street parking - day or night - by residents.

If you have a question regarding the application of this rule, please contact our Property Manager, LMM Properties, Inc.



November 30, 2023



November 14, 2023


Please be mindful of our community rules which prohibit overnight parking on our streets under any circumstances.  This will allow our snow removal contractor to maintain all portions of our streets throughout the winter.


For driveways, please try to house your vehicles in your garage.  If that is not possible, please park your vehicle to one side of your driveway so that at least one half of your driveway can be cleared in conjunction with the roads.  This will create a cleared spot where you can later move your vehicle so that the remainder of your driveway can be plowed.



Rules & Regulations Update

revised AMC fine policy

October 2, 2023

See more under Governing Documents.



Attention Homeowners:

October 29, 2023

If you need replacement bulbs for your outside garage lighting, you can easily order them on Amazon SATCO S9579 - Light Bulbs on Amazon. These lights are specific to the community ordinance for exterior garage lighting. 







It has come to the attention of the HOA’s Board of Managers, that there is a need to remind all Aurora Mills Condominium (AMC) owners,

·      to observe the STOP SIGNS - as with any NY State law,

·      the speed limit of 15mph, and

·      entrance and cul-de-sac circles are all one-way – in a counter-clockwise direction.

Please note that these are also listed in the AMC Rules and Regulations that can be referred to at amc14052.com  under Governing Documents.



Each resident is encouraged to get involved in your community to share your talents, ideas, and energy, as your circumstances permit.  Please consider participating in one or more of these committees and contact Board President Bob Baker to indicate your interest.


1.   Landscaping:

·      Review applications for resident change requests

·      Solicit bids for annual contracts

·      Recommend contractor to Board

·      Recommend changes for contract specifications


2.   Snow Removal:

·      Monitor service provided

·      Solicit bids for annual contracts

·      Recommend contractor to Board


3.   Contracts:

·      Review contracts for content and legality

·      Seek competitive bids

·      Recommend contractor(s)


4.   Budget:

·      On-going monitoring of budget

·      Review proposed annual budget with agent, in a timely manner, to submit to Owners for review and Board approval


5.   Communications:

·      Design/launch/monitor/update the Aurora Mills Condominium website to include, but not limited to: Condominium Offering Plan, Board Meeting Minutes, Budget, Application for Approval of Architectural/Land Changes, Resident Roster, Resident Newsletter/Updates to increase efficient communication with residents


6.   Maintenance:

·      Monitor roads, sidewalks and common areas

·      Recommends repairs to Board


7.   Rules & Regulations:

·      Formulate initial R&Rs to include, but not limited to: speed limit, signage, landscaping, building restrictions

·      Submit proposals for adoption and amendments to the Board


8.   Social/Annual Meeting:

·      Promote social interaction of Owners and/or local community, group activities and events

·      Organize and plan the Annual Owners Meeting






Board of Managers


Robert Baker


38 AMD

A.J. Block


27 CD

Bryan Smith


27 AMD

Jesse Curry


3 CD

Dan Sirica

Board Member





Contact the property manager

for snow removal or lawn care concerns,

an Application for Approval of Architectural Change,

or other condominium management issues

Mary L. Fildes, CMCA, AMS

President of LMM Properties, Inc.

at 716-693-4670

Or MFildes@Lmmproperties.com








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