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Governing Documents


Rules and Regulations

These are the Rules & Regulations approved by the Board, which are provided for your reference.



Updated Section 1.14 Lighting of the Rules & Regulations, March 20, 2024


Updated Section 4.1 of the Rules & Regulations,

December 20, 2023

Revised section 4.1 - Parking Restrictions


Updated Section 7 Of the Rules & Regulations, October 2, 2023

revised AMC fine policy[7871]



By-Laws, as in Declaration



Application for Approval of Architectural Change


Original Aurora Mills Condominium Offering Plan

Offering Plan (Full File: 426 pages, 66.1 MB)

Part 1 (Offering Plan, Purchase Agreement, Unit Deed: 124 pages)

Part 2 (Description of Property, Conservation Easement, Specs: 124 pages)

Part 3 (Declaration, Certifications, Warranty Statute, Escrow Easement: 74 pages)

Part 4 (Homecare Handbook/ Limited Warranty: 124 pages)


Amendments 1-8