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Notices to Unit Owners


Snow Removal Equipment Storage Facility Update 5/8/2024



Snow Removal Equipment Storage Facility Update 4/14/2024



Development Construction Completion and Close-Out Update 2/03/2024



Streetlights Update 2/03/2024



Radon Gas Notice 1/30/2024



Aurora Mills Snow Removal 11.20.23



11/16/2023 Letter to AMC Residents - New HOA Board & Officers



Lawn Care Update

August 2023


There have been a number of complaints from residents about the condition of their lawns. These include a number of instances of lawn fungus (typically small circles of brown grass), excessive weeds and crabgrass. These complaints are warranted and the Board is aware of the issues involved.

Board representatives have met with TruGreen, our current fertilizer and weed control vendor on two occasions to review complaints and the results have been less than satisfactory. Our contract with them runs through the end of 2023. We have recently authorized an additional crabgrass treatment which was not a part of the original contract program and will result in an additional expense to us.

While we are hopeful that this will help, the Board is not satisfied with the overall performance of TruGreen and we are in the process of soliciting contract bids from other vendors beginning in 2024. Our bid specifications will include specific measures to deal with existing fungus, weed and crabgrass issues.